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The Full Story of

Master "Foo" 


Foo is a Fukuoka native at his very best, as the former Ramen Master at infamous ramen chain Ippudo, Foo was responsible for the creation of more than 600 types of ramen. He has been at forefront of the chain’s international expansion in the U.S, South East Asia, UK, and Australia among others. He has been featured in media like The New York Times, Thrillist, Eater New York, InsideHook, etc.


Along with his innovative creations, Foo is also a ramen pioneer and one of the most influential ramen creators in Japan. During his time at Ippudo, they partnered with Marvel Comics to throw a special, limited-edition Super Hero Ramen pop-up event open to the public. The collaboration featured 40 bowls of the “Interactive Avengers Ramen” created by Ramen Master Foo.



Shogun Ramen, Ramen Master Foo will create the ultimate ramen full of tradition, modernity, and innovation. He will utilize his skills acquired from international experience and traditional Japanese methods to craft the "next-generation ramen.

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